President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan said that the chamber will consult with the House of Representatives on how to respond to the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari’s decision to veto the Electoral Act 2010 (Amendment) Bill.

Lawan made this known after the Senate emerged from a close-door executive session on Wednesday to deliberate on the President’s decision to withhold assent to the electoral bill passed by the National Assembly.

Members of the Senate had on Tuesday vowed to override Buhari’s veto, with signatures of Senators backing the move already being collated.

Speaking on what transpired in the closed session, Lawan said, “The Senate, in a closed session, deliberated on matters relevant to the workings of the Senate in particular and the National Assembly in general. The Senate, also in the closed session, discussed how to respond to the letter from Mr. President on the electoral bill amendment.

“The Senate consequently resolved to consult with the House of Representatives in January when both the Senate and House will be in session.

“Presently, the House of Reps has gone on recess and as we all know, the constitutional provision is for the Senate and House of Representatives to jointly take the appropriate action.

“The Senate also resolved to consult with our constituents during our recess in January. The Senate believes that our constituents have a role to play as the major stakeholders in the laws that we make in the National Assembly.”

Meanwhile, the Peoples Democratic Party caucus in the House has vowed to mobilise for overriding the President on the bill.

Leader of the caucus, Kingsley Chinda, in a statement issued on Wednesday, alleged that Buhari declined to sign the bill into law due to the provision for electronic transmission of election results and not a restriction of political parties to direct primary as the President noted in his letter to the National Assembly.

Chinda’s statement was titled ‘Save Nigeria now from Buhari: PDP Caucus Lawmakers Cry Out…Say Nigeria Seized by Hostage Takers, Bandits, Terrorists…As Mr. President Shows Utter Disdain for Constitution…Calls on Buhari to Resign.’


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