Experts say the Anti-Corruption mantra of President Muhammadu Buhari’s led administration needs more effort rather than the usual political will in order to change the narrative of corrupt practices, thus calling for legislative action to pilot the course.
Chairman Human and Environmental Development Agenda (HEDA) Olanrewaju Suraju stated this at the 26th Anti-Corruption Situation Room today in Abuja.
He said champions of anti-corruption war need to step up to identify every atrocity by any individual or organization.
It is over six years since Preside

nt Muhammadu Buhari came with its anti-corruption agenda.
Although this hasn’t gone down well with some sections of the public, particularly on top government officials as well as the private sectors.
Many are with the perception that the anti-corruption mantra is for the selected few as injustice and reckless mismanagement of public funds are on the increase without adequate sanction nor probe by the anti-graft agencies.
Prior to this experts are leaning their voices to ensure that things are done differently in order to address the nation’s Gross Domestic Product to enhance governance. “The Nigeria Anti-Corruption rating is that of a flipflop, the anti-corruption agencies making some effort and the supervisory office of ministry undermining or even compromising some of the cases.
Going forward it has to be a collective effort, and the President and the Vice president must actually do better than they’re doing.
Every atrocity committed by any of the ministers is attributed to the governor.
And the political parties must also show that they’re serious about the fight against corruption, by ensuring that the state government also starts a process of fighting corruption in their state, it’s a constitutional provision, talking about the executive, judiciary and the legislature must abolish corruption.”
At the event, representative of the US embassy Jason Currier noted that Corruption is a huge problem across the globe with adverse effects on governance and its accountability record noting that transnational threat has caused severe harm to communities and institutions.
Stressing that the administration of president Joe Biden is committed to the implementation of the anti-corruption war.
According to him, decisive actions to combat global corruption in the U.S. have already begun aimed at limiting the ability of criminals to move stolen funds through the U.S. and international financial systems.
“The United States recognizes our own responsibility in addressing deficiencies within our legal regime in order to strengthen global efforts to limit the proceeds of corruption and other illicit financial activity.
The State Department will elevate and mainstream anti-corruption efforts across the Department.
The Strategy on Countering Corruption demonstrates the Administration’s commitment to a whole of government approach to fighting corruption and mirrors anti-corruption priorities we are working to advance with democracies from around the world. We will continue to work with partners to make strides in the fight against corruption throughout the 2022 Summit for Democracy Year of Action and beyond.”

Also speaking, Femi Falana (SAN) a principal partner, while lamenting on the rate at which stolen assets are flown out of the country, urges the government to constitute a team of international bodies to fast-track the recoveries of public funds embezzled by some corrupt elements in the country.
“It has been disclosed that the money that was stolen from this country is not less than US$500 billion (Dollars)
I haven’t seen any concrete effort to recover the huge fund, and what am suggesting is that the government will need a team of international lawyers, bankers, and accountants who can really pursue the recovery.
It requires some expertise and that has not been shown so far, that is why we haven’t been able to recover substantial funds.”
They worried that if caution is not taken the country will stand to lose about 37% of GDP which will continue to constitute more economic hardship for the citizens.


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