In its quest to address challenges and ensure political stability in the sub-region the ECOWAS parliament has convened a 3-Day seminar on its vision 2050 to meet the need of the people.

The Seminar which opens up in the city of Monrovia, the capital of Liberia is aimed at tackling complex issues for Vision 2050 with a better understanding of its prospect to promoting cohesion.

Speaking at the opening, Speaker of, ECOWAS Parliament Sidie Tunis says the fifth legislature is keen on the development and wellbeing of the citizens, thus reiterating the need to reduce the effects of possible new variants by taking advantage of the COVID -19 vaccines available in the region.

‘We cannot deny the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic is not yet over and as such we must remain vigilant and anticipate the possible emergence of yet another variant because this is the characteristics of any pandemic. However, it has been proven that vaccination contributes significantly to the mitigation of its effects.

Fortunately, we see that hospitalizations and deaths resulting from Covid-19 have reduced significantly as has the virulence of the disease.

This is why we will continue to appeal to our people to take the vaccine and believe in its providential efficacy because it works.”

Also on the topic of the seminar, ECOWAS vision 2050; formulation process and challenges to the implementation, Tunis said the essence is to ensure the full involvement of the MPs in its implementation strategies.

Adding that with the governance and security challenges confronting the region taking ownership is key to issues that threaten peace and democracy of member states.

“This is why the ECOWAS Parliament has dedicated the upcoming session to particularly discuss the political and security situation in the region while hoping that at the end we should be able to build a broad-based consensus around the necessity to stamp out the menace of an unconstitutional takeover, terrorism, and insecurity.

The purpose of the seminar is to be able to define a framework that will help us to access where we are now as a region and where we want to be by 2050 and how we can get there.

This is the only way we can help to improve the quality of life of the people of our sub-region to meet up with our counterparts in the developed world. Visioning in this context means creating multiple alternative development strategies and integrated implementation approaches for reaching the goals of future regional development.”

However, the Representative of the Liberian President Mawine Diggs pledges to ensure the full implementation of Vision 2050, while charging the parliamentarians to do proper oversight on the document in order to avert Vision 2020 challenges.

Stressing that the parliament should build a partnership at all levels in tackling political challenges of the sub-region.

“We must hold every arm of the government at every level accountable to work towards the success of the implementation of the vision 2050. We cannot afford to fail our people again. The Legislature must do a proper oversight to make the sub-region proud.”

It’s the first ECOWAS Parliamentary Seminar since the year 2022, the objective is to enhance the ECOWAS vision 2050 to guide members’ operation and policies for the next 30 years.


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