As part of its activities to mark the 48th Anniversary of the ECOWAS Commission a cultural expo was organized in Cabo Verde, Praia to boost regional integration.

At the event, ECOWAS Commission’s  Resident Representative, Dr. Samuel Lamptey said it aimed at bringing unity through cultural fairs across the member states, adding that the anniversary which featured a gastronomic demonstration, music, and an exhibition of other cultural facets such as clothing, handicrafts, and other artifacts, was to project uniqueness in the region’s cultural dimensions for growth and productivity.

“One main objective of these activities is to promote cultural exchange and increase knowledge about the rich tradition of the West African people.

“These activities are a unique platform for raising awareness about the many programs and projects carried out by the ECOWAS Commission in Cabo Verde, while also fostering a greater approach and togetherness among the nations.”

The theme of the 48th anniversary of the ECOWAS is “Towards shared prosperity,” reflecting the organization’s goal of promoting cooperation and integration, aiming at establishing an economic union to raise the living standards of its peoples, maintain and enhance economic stability, foster relations among member states, and contribute to the African continent’s progress and development.


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