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A human rights activist Barrister Felix Isere has identified economic, social, political, and restriction as factors limiting women’s participation in the civic space despite laws made to ensure inclusivity in all aspects of societal development.

He disclosed this on Saturday 9th September 2023 during a Twitter conference organized by Global Rights Nigeria on the theme “Exploring Women’s Inclusion in Safeguarding the Civic Space.”

Barr. Felix who spoke from the perspective of men said women are truly sidelined in almost every aspect of society, particularly on issues of threat to life and family arising from their political ambition, noting that the law has made it very clear that nobody should be discriminated against on the bases of being male or female.

Adding, that women need to support their counterparts to shun any form of intimidation to rebirth democracy and good governance in the country.

I agree that there are restrictions and challenges for women, fully and completely within it.

Everybody in Nigeria will have equal rights, We may have already been covered by the Constitution and international convention
Regarding the issue of poverty, when women Canvas support and license themselves, they tend to promote gender equality,
There are other factors genuinely holding back like education, cultural background, religious beliefs, and many others.

Meanwhile, a human rights and policy expert Tsema Ede argued that Women’s problems are not socially and economically but rather being influenced by their spouses, thus calling for inclusive atmospheres for them to participate optimally without fear or favor.

The OECD definition of civic space again, is defined as a set of legal policy, institutional, and political conditions necessary for nongovernmental actors to access information, express themselves, associate, organize, and participate in public life. It is a precondition for good governance and inclusive growth, as well as for effective and efficient open government policies or stakeholder participation initiatives.
It is a fact that women in some cases do not feel safe. The law says women can vote does not mean that we have certain conditions that make it easy for women to express themselves in the civic and political space. By ensuring that you have a cue specifically for women so that women can vote without being afraid of being touched by men. Secondly, you ensure that people express themselves via their votes are safe enough that nobody has to know what their voting decision is.

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