By Vincess Okushi

A Non-profit organization, (Proforest Africa) has recounted their remarkable achievements towards responsible sourcing, and production, as well as promoting sustainable landscapes in climate-related activities in the ECOWAS sub-region.

The organization while celebrating its 10 years of transformative contributions and facilitating multistakeholder engagements said they have worked with companies, the private sector, governments, NGOs, and communities among others in various sectors including cocoa, oil palm, sugar, rubber, shea, coffee, timber, and seaweed, enhancing people’s lives, nature, and climate in society.

Speaking at the event, Abraham Baffoe, Africa and global Director of Proforest said.

It is exciting to know that the work we have done has brought reforms, from policy changes to strengthen capacity and protect natural resources, in the responsible sourcing and production of agricultural commodities
But it is also challenging because our quality delivery of work has met high expectations for ourselves as Proforest, and we need to keep to that in the way we deliver our work

The Director further stresses that Africa is a region where most agricultural production is done by smallholders, hence Proforest has committed to dealing with systemic problems across environmental and social issues, thereby working beyond supply chains, particularly with its support initiatives to Asunafo Asutifi, a production company in Ghana that produces about 10% of cocoa amongst others.

According to him, Proforest has also enhanced policies that promote environmental usage, such as palm oil production, and protection of the citizens across ECOWAS member states.

Proforest Africa has led the training of practitioners across the government and private sector to support local implementation and ownership of responsible production and sourcing.
As we commemorate this occasion with pride and joy, we are also reflecting on a decade of
growth, success, and the collective dedication of our staff, clients, and other

The Director, however, vowed to work to ensure inclusiveness and collaborate with governments and key players in the agricultural sector for economic recovery.


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