In a revolutionary move, a dedicated Igbo news platform has emerged on TikTok, embracing the username “princessekwiajide.” Fronted by the charismatic broadcaster, Princess-Ekwi Ajide, this platform has become a daily source of news for Igbo speakers, delivered in the warmth of their mother tongue.

Over 30 days, the platform has successfully engaged more than 138 Igbo speakers daily, marking a significant step towards linguistic inclusivity. Ajide shares her vision, emphasizing the platform’s role in encouraging Nigerians of southeast descent, particularly the youth, to rekindle their interest in the rich tapestry of their native language.

The youths have taken ownership of TikTok, and that is the reason we are using the channel to reach out to Igbo speakers so we can create more interest in the language,” expresses Ajide, underlining the strategic use of a platform dominated by the younger generation.

The journey of this linguistic endeavor has seen varying daily viewership, with an impressive debut of 450 viewers on the first day. The subsequent days witnessed fluctuations, ranging from 127 to 181 viewers, revealing the evolving interest and engagement among the audience.

As the platform navigates its second week, Ajide remains optimistic, despite occasional drops in viewership. She notes a surge, on the 28th day, underlining the dynamic nature of this linguistic outreach. With the dawn of the New Year, Ajide foresees promising prospects for the platform, as more Igbo speakers embrace the initiative, contributing to the broader goal of language promotion and preservation


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