By Vincess Okushi

The Committee to Regulate the National Health Research Ethic has been inaugurated by the Federal Government to meet all ethical criteria in the country.

The inauguration is part of the Ministry of Health’s four-point agenda to guarantee best practices in the sector.

Speaking during the inauguration at the Ministry of Health in Abuja, the Minister of State Tunji Alausa noted that the establishment of the National Health Research Ethics Committee is part of the government’s unwavering dedication to fostering a healthcare system that is rooted in integrity, transparency, and ethical conduct.

Noting that the members of the NHREC are in line with the National Health Act of 2014, which lists the criteria, roles, and responsibilities of the committee.

the ethical dimensions of health research cannot be overstated.

In our pursuit of scientific advancement and medical breakthrough, we must ensure that the rights, dignity, and well-being of research participants are protected” he adduced.

The National Health Research Ethics Committee will play a crucial role in providing health research direction while ensuring that responses are rooted in scientific rigor, compassion, and a deep sense of social responsibility.

Earlier, the Permanent Secretary, Kachollom Daju, harped on the importance of health research for the development of new treatments for diseases.

They are aimed at providing evidence that may lead to the development of new tools and methods for the control of our major diseases, such as Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Vaccine which are preventable

as we continue to promote health research to contribute towards improving the health status of Nigerians, we have taken it upon ourselves to strengthen NHREC to provide for and ensure adherence to regulation for the protection of human participants in research.

Responding on behalf of the committee, the Chairman Professor Richard Adegbola commended the giant stride of the Federal Government in promoting and safeguarding the ethical standard of health research, for progress, and prosperity in the country and assured of living up to its responsibilities.

The Members of the Committee are:

  1. Prof. Richard Adegbola – Chairman
  2. Dr. Adedeji Adefuye
  3. Barr. A B Malle
  4. Prof. Ibrahim Abubakar Iliya
  5. Prof. Saleh Garba Ngaski
  6. Dr. Geoffrey Okatubo
  7. Prof. Misbau Rufai
  8. Mrs. Ayodele Rotimi
  9. Prof. Lawa Ahmadu kuki
  10. Prof. M A Sule
  11. Mr. Ibrahim Muhd Mami
  12. Mr. Ahmadu Adamu
  13. Dr. UAC Okafor
  14. Dr. Amina Ahmad Sheu.


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