By Bilkisu Adejo

In a relentless pursuit to ensure public safety to the growing concerns regarding heinous activities of the armed bandits and kidnappers across the country, the Nigeria Police Force says it has arrested 139 suspected kidnappers in just two weeks of its major operations.

Force Public Relations Officer ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi indicated during a press briefing on the arrest of suspects in Nigeria’s capital Abuja.

He said this testament recognizes the dismantling of the criminal’s den.

“Before you are 3 GPR Chargers, 2 AK-47 rifles, 1 Type-06, 4 Local Fabricates, 1 Berretta pistol, 2 Makarov pistols, 4 Local fabricated pump actions, 504 pieces of AK-47 AMMUNITION and AMMUNITION100 pieces of AA ammunitions.

“In the early hours of today, at about, operatives of the DFI-IRT engaged some armed bandits within the axis in a fierce gun battle and neutralized 3 of them including their gang leader known as Mai Gemu AKA Godara. We can say without mincing words, that the gang and its camp have been destroyed.

Muyiwa further highlighted that the gangs terrorizing the Buwari axis have been neutralized completely.

The gangs and many others who venture into crime and kidnapping in Bwari, border communities linking to the Kaduna axis would never know peace as our concentrated efforts are being intensified.

He also revealed the arrest of three gun-running syndicates as.

Ibrahim Hussaini, Abdullahi Ali and Salahu Ali.

504 Ak-47 AMMUNITION, 100 AA AMMUNITION, and 3 GPR Chargers were recovered from them.

On January 24, 2024, operatives of the DFI-IRT working based on intelligence intercepted a group of persons along the Abuja-Kaduna expressway who were suspected to be major suppliers of arms and ammunition to bandits operating in Niger State, Zamfara State, and Kaduna State. The Suspects upon arrest and consequent interrogation confessed to the crimes. One of the suspects, Ibrahim Hussaini is currently in custody while the other 2 suspects are leading the IRT operatives to their hideouts where they store their weapons for distribution


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