By Vincess Okushi

The Inspector General of Police, IGP Kayode Egbetokun, Ph.D. has expressed determination to ensure inclusivity and diversity within the service. 
Responding to the recent speculations regarding nepotism and ethnic bias against the IGP’s administration on issues of postings in a statement signed by ACP OLUMUYIWA ADEJOBI, Force Public Relations Officer, Force Headquarters Abuse, 
18th March, 2024 said it is imperative to provide clarity, set the record straight, and highlight the steadfast commitment of the IGP and his administration.

He noted that while addressing these concerns on the service fairness and impartiality toward its appointments and postings of officers, the public should also be guided on the Standard Operating Procedures regarding the Nigeria Police adding that,

Regarding the appointment of State Commissioners of Police, it is important to clarify that this process lies within the jurisdiction of the Police Service Commission on recommendations by the Inspector General of Police However, it is vital to clarify that this involves wide stakeholders’ consultations including State Governors, who are the chief security officers of their states, and very senior officers both serving and retired. The IGP has never unilaterally carried out such postings which are always based on capabilities, hard work, commitment, and loyalty.

Equally, the NPF categorically refutes any insinuation of tribal favoritism in appointments and postings. The Force operates on principles of meritocracy, ensuring that individuals are selected based on their qualifications, competence, dedication to service, and rank. The previous Force Secretary who served under this same administration and whose elevation to the rank of Deputy Inspector General of Police led to the appointment of the current officer was DIG Habu Sani from the North West. Similarly, the current Deputy Force Secretary is an officer from the southeastern part of the country.

Also, it is vital to clarify that contrary to the publication by SaharaReporters, the Commissioner of Police Oyo State hails from North Central, and the Director of Peacekeeping Operations hails from Niger State. The Force Insurance Officer, whom the allegation claims to also be Yoruba is actually from the North Central. It is vital to mention that the appointment of the Principal Staff Officer (PSO) is solely the prerogative of the IGP, who serves as a personal aide and must be a competent individual. 

The personal background and relationships of our leadership, particularly the Inspector General of Police, reflect a commitment to inclusivity and diversity. 

The IGP’s marriage to his wife from Bauchi in the North, and his extensive network and fraternity with friends from across all geopolitical zones affirms his dedication to serving all Nigerians equitably and crowns him a great nationalist.

It is pertinent to note that the IGP holds the contributions of retired IGPs and other senior officers in high esteem and values their expertise, including that of the Chairman Police Service Commission which is evidenced by the amazing rapport shared by both institutions in recent times. Any suggestion that the current leadership disregards their counsel is unfounded, misleading, and thus mischievous.

The Nigeria Police Force, as guardians of law and order, maintains an unwavering dedication to professionalism, integrity, and fairness. We emphatically denounce the baseless allegations propagated in the SaharaReporters publication, which are rife with distortions and intended to tarnish the reputation of our esteemed institution, a norm by the news platform.
It therefore,  urges the public to disassociate themselves from these falsehoods as it is purely baseless, unfounded, and mischievous to please the selfish interest of the publisher and his cronies for reasons best known to them.


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